Message from the Chairman

I am pleased to report that 2012 was a another very successful year for BBK, both in financial performance and achievements set out in our 2010-2012 Strategic Plan.

Murad Ali Murad


BBK won the Corporate Governance award from Hawkamah for a third year and was recognised by JP Morgan and presented the 2012 “Quality of e-services in Banking” award.

Reliability remains one of the Bank’s pillars of recognition, committed to providing excellent services day after day, year on year.

BBK is commited to providing quality, growth and industry leadership in business and in the community of Bahrain.



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Abdulkarim Bucheery Chief Executive

2012 was the final year of BBK’s 2010-2012 Strategic Plan and we are pleased to report that we have successfully implemented almost all of the key growth ...


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